Virtual & augmented reality

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We empower our clients to visualize the imaginary and help them to realize their dreams. Our Virtual Reality, Augmented reality services, and Mobile Applications bring products, and projects to life by crafting stunning interactive experiences.


Paresh Srivastava

BE (Mechanical), MBA (International Business)

Director- Operations & Technology

+91 70192 75035

Virtual Reality

Near Real experience
VR generally specifies to computer technologies that makes a user's physical presence in a virtual or imaginary environment by generating realistic images, sounds and other sensations using virtual reality headsets and required applications. We provide customized solution for real estate developers, which allows them to advertise construction projects using virtual reality (VR) and using this solution a potential customer can faster evaluate all benefits of the buildings and virtually “feel” the property.
  • VR Walkthrough
  • Interior View - Gives a detailed visual idea of the interior space enhanced by superior quality lighting.
  • Exterior Views - Exteriors enhanced by real world situations. ex. sunlight, clouds, fog etc.
  • Low poly 3D Modeling
  • 3600 Videos, Renderings and Images
  • Real Estate — Residential and Commercial
  • Tourism and Travel
  • Aerospace, Defense and Space
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • News, Entertainment, Gaming and Media

Augmented Reality

immersive environment
AR is the process of overlaying digital content onto a real life, physical environment, when viewed through camera enabled devices. AR represents a great fit for marketing campaigns product launches, print advertising.
  • Creation of objects with required dimensions for functional, fit and form alongwith aesthetic purposes
  • Creation of objects and families to the given specifications.
  • Creation of Applications for Augmented Reality Visualization
  • Consumer Products — 3D models can be visualized in real time experience
  • Transportation — Navigation applications are enhanced with augmented reality for our everyday lives
  • Aerospace, Defense and Space — Critical data can be presented for better and real visualization. This technology is also used for simulations for training purposes.
  • Medical — Augmented reality can reduce the risk of an operation by giving the surgeon improved sensory perception. This technology can be combined with MRI or X-ray systems and bring everything into a single view for the surgeon.
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • News, Entertainment, Gaming and Media

3600 content

Virtual tours
Here the entire 3600 environment view is captured using VR technology. This creates a medium of perception in which the number of existing object in the surrounding can be embedded.
  • We provide 3600 interior view of a building to have a clear picture of interior works
  • 3600 exterior aerial and ground views
  • Real Estate — Residential and Commercial
  • Tourism and Travel
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • News, Entertainment, Gaming and Media

vr / ar samples

3D Interactive Software

interactive software MODELING

Our team with architectural background understand the building and project intricacies.

We create interactive VR/AR software which enables visualising entire project, amenities, interiors, exteriors, floor plans mapped with real or digitally surroundings. Our software helps visualise inventory and facilitates higher and faster sales conversion.

3D Modeling


Low poly modeling is an important requirement to reduce latency in VR and AR applications. Our team uses advanced modeling techniques to ensure accurate modeling and textures.

Virtual Reality

virtual restoration

Our 3D modeling and VR team is working on some amazing projects covering virtual restoration of Heritage Site.
We use technologies such Aerial Surveys to generate Point Cloud data which is then used to create 3D models. These are then detailed to recreate true scale models with intricate details.
We believe that VR and AR will play a significant role in recreating the Legacies of world heritage sites with history being retold in its true form and magnitude.

3D Modeling

BIM Families

We create Low Poly BIM Families that are 3D models of objects to be directly used inside of BIM software with associated properties.


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