Affordable Housing

Planning for Affordable Housing
Designing an efficient and aesthetic affordable housing community for the masses.

Affordable housing may be a good strategy to home-buyers dilemma and can help ensure housing across different sections of society. Our client is passionate about developing villa plots which are designed to build future spaces. It aspire to make residential sites affordable and available to clients as an investment option without the need to approach banks or financial institutions for loans and to make payments convenient through easy monthly installment schemes

We at NDC have expertise in designing affordable housing use of advance technologies like aerial survey and BIM enables us to understand the dynamics around the project in terms of cost, feasibility, sale-ability, occupancy and functionality

since our services are based on  Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform it helps all the stakeholder in collaborating  throughout the life-cycle of a building and improving upon affordability and sustainability strategies for infilling housing development.


April 2017

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