BIM- Building Information Management


Building Information Modelling (BIM) refers to an intelligent, model-based process that provides insight for creating and managing building and infrastructure projects faster, more economically, and with lesser environmental impact. BIM is useful to any construction project during the entire lifecycle of the building. The building lifecycle can be visualized through the image, starting from conceptual design.


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3D - Modeling

Coordinated Model
Architectural Model
Structural Model
Mechanical Model
Plumbing Model
Electrical Model
Fire Protection Model
3D BIM showcases the Building in 3 Dimension along X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis as a model. We provide modelling services by converting the files from 2D to 3D models using software like AutoCAD, Revit and Naviswork. We additionally create Revit 3D models with required level of detail (LOD 100-LOD 500) for documentation, accuracy in construction, scheduling, quantity estimates, facility management. The 3D model benefits owners, contractors, project management consultants, builders by increasing the efficiency in construction planning, reducing the re work and error possibilities on site. With BIM/VDC workflows we develop detailed layouts, 3D detailed models for architectural, Structural and MEP services with 3D renderings. We provide 3D BIM modelling services for residential, commercial, educational, industrial and public building construction projects.

BIM Analysis using Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is integrated with BIM for efficient Visualization and Analysis of architecture, structure and services during pre-construction phase. Virtual Reality is also useful to visualize a project during construction phase for monitoring and control.
Virtual Reality team at NDC has developed solutions to drive efficiency in Construction and Real Estate Industry.
  • Conversion of 2D drawings to 3D Models for architecture, structure and MEP systems
  • Collaborate 3D models to identify the clash detections
  • Detailing of shop drawings
  • Customized family creation for Architectural, Structural and MEP products
  • Detailed 3D modelling to achieve 4D BIM
  • Owners — High level summary information about their facilities, planning, budgeting, and decision support.
  • Mortgage Bankers — Information about demographics, corporations, and viability
  • Realtors — Information about a site or facility to support purchase or sale

4D - planning & Scheduling

3D + D (Time) = 4D, implementation of planning and scheduling in a 3D Building model evolves 4D BIM. We provide modelling services by adding time factor for the 3D models using software like Naviswork and its plugins. The 4D model benefits the clients and contractors for maximum utilization of space, sequential WBS (work breakdown structure) for construction process, resource & cost allocation. Our real time 4D simulations for structural models, architectural models, MEP models(mechanical, electrical and plumbing) helps in resolve interferences, safety analysis, creating reports and presentations of activities in construction site planning.
  • Enhancing 3D model into 4D model to generate effective planning, scheduling and clash free models for construction process
  • Real time construction sequence simulations with phasing presentations
  • Detailed 4D modelling to achieve 5D BIM
  • Scoping, Testing, Simulation — electronically build facility and eliminate conflicts, simulate growth needs.

5D - Construction costs

4D + D (Cost) = 5D, integration of Construction Cost to the 4D Building model evolves 5D. Our BIM experts integrate the costing data including bill of quantities, resource cost and labour cost to the scheduled 4D model using software like Navisworks. From the initiation of virtual intelligent 3D models development and construction documentation to the clash detection and creation of Revit families, our team delivers design information along with embedded sets of data for 5D BIM workflow. 5D benefits consultants and contractors by providing accurate quantities to derive resource and labour cost.
  • Enhancing 4D model to 5D model for accurate quantities to derive efficient resource and labour cost
  • Creation of libraries for Architecture, Structure and MEPF systems
  • Architectural, Structural, MEPF collaboration
  • Detailed 5D modelling to achieve 6D
  • Cost & Quantity Estimators — Electronic model to obtain accurate quantities and share comparable.

6D - Sustainability

Energy analysis for a building model evolves 6D BIM. Sustainable buildings like Zero carbon footprint buildings, energy efficient buildings and green buildings are the future focus in AECO industry. Energy modelling and analysis helps to achieve these sustainability goals. With a clear knowledge on sustainability challenges and concern of occupant comfort and safety, we extend our support across design, analysis, evaluation and verification of energy efficiency in buildings with simulation modelling tools. 6D benefits owners and facility managers to achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Enhancing 4D model to 5D model for accurate quantities to derive efficient resource and labour cost
  • Creation of libraries for Architecture, Structure and MEPF systems
  • Architectural, Structural, MEPF collaboration
  • Detailed 5D modelling to achieve 6D
  • Environmental & NEPA — Improved  information for environmental impact analysis
  • Sustainability, Energy, LEED — Optimized energy analysis including energy and condition analyses  concurrently.

7D - Facility management

Facility management is an important aspect to be focused after construction. Our team of experts provide in depth and accurate data on the constructed facility such as component status, specifications, maintenance/operation manuals and warranty data, providing easier parts replacements, and a streamlined asset life cycle management. This in turn helps the facility managers in decision making with respect to repair and maintenance, energy evaluation, maintenance of HVAC and firefighting systems. The solution is provided in form of virtual building model with BIM LOD500 specifications to reduce the liabilities, wastage of materials, manpower and time.
  • BIM for Asset Management
  • BIM enabled Centralized database for building elements
  • BIM maintenance plans and technical support
  • COBie data population and extraction
  • Facility  Managers — Provides product, warranty and maintenance information
  • Maintenance & Sustainment — More easily identify, track, budget, and schedule; repair, replacement, maintenance needs
  • Renovation & Restoration — More easily identify, track, budget, and schedule capital reinvestment requirements.

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